Snow and Ice resistance

Winter weather extremes can take their toll on every type of conventional roofing. Our stone coated metal roofing systems provide extraordinary protection for your home also in winter, which conventional rooftiles are not able to.

On 8th June 2018, a hailstorm with extremely huge hailstones 10cm in diameter hit the South East region of Slovenia. Most devastated was Črnomelj municipality where the roofs of over 1700 private houses and non-residential buildings were destroyed. Only stone coated metal roofs proved to be hail resistant. In spite of the extreme size of the hailstones, those roofs remained waterproof; the roof surface was slightly deformed, but not penetrated. This was not the case with other types of roofs, which suffered severe damage.


A citizen who lives in that area recalls the events as follows: 

„Roof tiles on all buildings in our villages were smashed to pieces. I own a house that was roofed in accordance with all the new expert guidelines. Everything failed, with water pouring into the house. When I drove around the affected area I noticed that no roof with conventional roofing remained intact. Two full trailers of broken tiles had to be removed from my house alone. A roofer arrived with a stone coated metal roof tile. I took the tile and smacked it with a hammer. There was practically no trace of the impact. I immediately made my decision: my house will be covered by those tiles.”

Mr. Anton Brula, Slovenia


Climate change may bring massive hailstones exposing roofs to extreme risks.

Did you know that Decra® roof tiles are resistant to hailstones up to 30 mm in size?

Even a massive hailstone as large as 90 mm cannot penetrate a Decra® roof, thus leaving the roof’s weather security intact.

Furthermore, a potential lifesaver is built into every single Decra® profile by means of its stone chip coating. The rough texture does not allow snow to slide but holds it in place until it melts naturally and harmlessly.

Decra® can withstand snow loading and the surface coating is not degraded when exposed to ice or frost!


Decra® looks after the protection of your home in winter

so that you can look after the entertainment of your family.