Save money by installing Decra®’s lightweight roof tiles on your house! Substantial savings can be achieved in structural costs.

Decra® can be up to 7 times lighter than heavy concrete or clay roof tiles. Consequently lighter and cheaper roof can suffice for you, which helps you save money. It is an interesting fact from the regions prone to earthquakes that in case of minor earthquakesDecra® can save homes. There are documented instances of other heavyweight roofing products collapsing homes while Decra® roofs in the same street remained intact and with minimal damage. Weakened walls can tolerate light weight roof and interlocking tiles result in strong roof.

That is the reason that architects are increasingly specifying light-weight metal roofs for many commercial applications such as schools, restaurants, recreational centres where lots of people gather and safety becomes paramount. On the other hand, due to the stone coating, Decra® is not only one of the safest choice but one of the most beautiful as well.

No compromise needs to be made with Decra®!