Noise resistance

A Decra® roof is excellent in comparison to other steel roofing products. The reduced noise impact is the result of our textured, stone chip coated finish and the interlocking system.

When customers first hear about metal roofs by Decra they are eager to know how Decra® protects their home from noise. Let’s clarify something here now:

Decra® is not your grandmother’s metal roof.

While it is true that metal can resonate unlike tile or wood, studies confirm that if a contemporary metal roof is properly installed, there is no significant increase in noise compared to other roofing alternatives. Why?

The stone coating finish of Decra® provides a rough texture, which helps to disperse rain and the interlocking system of the Decra® tiles reduces noise even further.

Let a stone coated metal roof owner speak for it: 

“The benefit of Decra® compared to other light-weight roofs is that due to the stone-coating noise protection is much better and looks very attractive as well! Noise protection was vital for us since we live in the attic and did not want to suffer from a noisy roof.”

Mr. Zoltan Sebestyen