We are on a mission to transform the roofing segment from traditional roofing tiles to durable, beautiful and sustainable metal roofing solutions.

We believe that our corrosion resistant metal is stronger against the elements, can be great-looking with stone chip coating or elegant painted finish and Decra® may be the most sustainable roofing solution for our time.

We are on a mission to achieve our goals with values we believe in: 

  • SHARING KNOWLEDGE helps us find ways to improve our 
business for the benefit of all.
  • INTEGRITY defines how we do what we say
  • LONG-TERM thinking frames our decision-making to help
 secure a brighter future.
  • PERFORMANCE ensures that we will never stop trying to improve ourselves.
  • HUMILITY creates honest, open and respectful relationships among all.
  • AGILITY, combined with knowledge, helps us deliver sound decisions quickly.