Since 1957 we had one vision:

to provide durable, beautiful and sustainable metal roofing solution worldwide.

Back in 1957 when our revolutionary innovation of the world’s first stone chip coated metal roof tile challenged the roofing market sustainability was not on the radar yet.

Durability was achieved by our unique metal core, which is virtually resistant to rust and unbreakable by hail or high wind.

Beauty was created when stone chips were applied on our roof tiles.

Sustainability was discovered when we’ve realized as time changed that our recyclable roofing solutions may offer one of the best answers to today’s challenges regarding climate change.

We knew that our vision was clear and right when more and more people started to cover their roofs with Decra® increasing the number of buildings installed with stone coated metal roof tiles to millions all over the world over the 6 decades of our existence.

Will you join our vision?