Decra® roof tiles

By considering Decra®, you are a step closer to probably one of the most innovative, surprising and sustainable roofing solutions available today.

Why is Decra® surprising?

Because it offers you innovative benefits, which conventional clay or concrete roof tiles or cheap asphalt shingles cannot.

And Decra® does all that in the most sustainable way. By manufacturing our roofing tiles from 100% recyclable corrosion resistant metal core fighting the climate change in our own way.

If you don’t want to miss this special opportunity click on a Decra® Profile below, which appeals to you and learn more about the unique benefits.

Which Decra® profile is your favourite?

Decra®  Classic

Trends and fashions may come and go even for roof tiles, but classic shapes are always in demand. Decra® Classic is a long-term solution for your roof, both in appearance and in quality.

Decra®  Stratos L

You cannot resist the attraction of rustic charm! Hand-split wood shake roofs have been popular for centuries and provide a unique appearance and a special atmosphere like no other roof tiles. You can enjoy that beauty on your house with Decra®, without all the disadvantages that come with a wooden roof.

Decra®  Oberon

Do you prefer a modern style where the shapes are simple and the lines are straight? Black and white, maybe a bit of grey? Decra® Oberon will suit you perfectly! Your contemporary house will be complete with a modern yet distinctive roof like Decra® Oberon, which will provide the necessary final touches for your beautiful new home.

Decra®  Elegance

You would like your house to stand out from the crowd? The Satin or High-Gloss finish of our stylish painted profile Decra® Elegance can be the crowning glory of any house. May the force of Decra® still be with you even without stone chips.

Decra®  Qube

Similarly to our other painted profile Elegance, Decra® Qube has Satin or High-Gloss finish, which can add the stylish finishing touch to any house. The simple elegance of painted Decra® Qube can offer you the same durability and 21st century safety features as our stone coated profiles additionally to its modern look that radiates from its straight lines.

Discover Decra®

Beauty lies in the details. But safety does as well. Your roof will be safe and beautiful if those details are right. Decra® provides you not only with roof tiles but a complete roofing solutions with the right accessories, which are needed to ensure optimum functionality and weather security. Click on the blue dots to get to know Decra® accessories!


Decra’s 60+ years experience makes it the leading manufacturer of coated steel roofing. Our technology is backed up by stringent external testing and a robust research and development programme. An important feature of our technology is protection. Protection of your home against severe weather and protection of the steel against corrosion. Decra excels on both fronts.



In 2019, climate emergency has been chosen as the word of the year according to Oxford Dictionaries.

We as a company also recognise the urgency of our global environmental issues. We would like to contribute to protecting our planet by being committed to manufacturing a sustainable product.

Sustainability is achieved “when current needs are met without depriving future generations of the ability to meet their needs” – Ray C. Anderson