40 Year Warranty

Strong, beautiful, light and durable. This is Decra® and you know it by now. 

But how long can I enjoy these unique benefits? You may be wondering.

For 40 years your Decra® roof will remain weather-proof. Guaranteed.

Our warranty covers Decra® products as well as their replacement. Regardless of hail, high winds and heavy rain Decra® will protect your home.

What’s more, there is more than that!

With simple maintenance a corrosion- and extreme weather resistant Decra® roof has the potential to last for a life time. As we say it, Decra® will even serve your next generation. 

What does simple maintenance mean?

Only occasional cleaning, especially in polluted areas or in proximity of forests. No other maintenance is necessary since each Decra® tile is fastened in 8 different places to your roof, tile replacement is not needed after summer storms or hailstorms.

Just sit back and enjoy a safe home under a strong Decra® roof.

For 40 years, 41, 42, 43 and counting ... 

40 Year Warranty

For more information on Decra® Warranty such as storage and handling, preventive maintenance and so on, please contact us!