Decra® Stratos L

You cannot resist the attraction of rustic charm! Hand-split wood shake roofs have been popular for centuries and provide a unique appearance and a special atmosphere like no other roof tiles. You can enjoy that beauty on your house with Decra®, without all the disadvantages that come with a wooden roof.

What are the advantages of a modern Decra® Stratos L roof?

Feather-light weight

Feather-light weight

that can save you money on the new roof structure. Did you know that a Decra® roof can be seven times lighter than clay or concrete tiles?

8-point fastening system

8-point fastening system

where each Decra® tile is fastened with nails in 8 different places. Did you know that a Decra® roof can even withstand hurricanes up to 180 km/h?

Corrosion resistant steel Decra

Corrosion resistant steel Decra

can provide you with an extremely light and strong metal roof that will not rust. Did you know that our special raw material is called ZM250? Read more about that in the FAQ!

Stunning stone coating

Stunning stone coating

offers you a roof tile in Decra® Stratos L, which feels like rustic wooden shingle but protects your home like steel. Did you know that you need not sacrifice your favourite roof tile shape to have the latest safety and performance requirements that a roof must have in the 21st century?

All these benefits will make a huge difference to the quality of your home when you pick Decra® Stratos L!

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Color scheme

Which roof colour would fit your house the most?

Coal Black

Coal Black


Beauty lies in the details. But safety does as well.

Your roof will be safe and beautiful if those details are right. Decra® provides you not only with rooftiles but a complete roofing solutions with the right accessories, which are needed to ensure optimum functionality and weather security.

Decra® accessories are designed to 100% fit the requirements of roof design. Matching any roof shape and having the same stone chip colour coverage as roofing tiles, they perfectly fit all Decra® roof tiles equipping your new home with long lasting beauty and security.


40 Year Warranty

Strong, beautiful, light and durable. This is Decra® and you know it by now.

But how long can I enjoy these unique benefits? You may be wondering.


Technical Information

Decra® Stratos L

Length of Tile

1340 mm

Length of Cover

1262 mm

Width of Cover

369 mm


2.15 m2

Minimum Pitch

12° (21%)

Net Weight/Tile

3.10 kg