A sustainable roofing solution for our time

In the construction industry, solutions that only last a few decades are not sustainable and are becoming less and less preferred by today’s homeowners.

A sustainable roofing solution for our time

Many roofing solutions need to be replaced every 10-20 years or at least have a major refurbishment after roof tiles have been broken by hailstorms or blown away by high winds. All this generates unnecessary costs for you and waste to burden the environment.

Decra® products use 25-30% recycled material in the manufacturing process. In addition to an extended lifecycle 2-3 times longer than conventional roofing materials, Decra® products are 100% recyclable, unlike discarded wood products which release greenhouse gases as they rot in landfills. Metal roofing products don’t drain old-growth timber resources or rely on oil-based raw materials as asphalt shingles do. Since metal roofs can be up to seven times lighter than heavy concrete and clay tiles, less timber need be used for constructing the roof structure.

The move to metal roofing can’t come too soon when long-term environmental impact is considered. The huge environmental footprint of conventional roof tiles, which cannot last long enough and are responsible for millions of tons of construction waste, can’t be ignored in the new age of construction sustainability.