5 Unique re-roofing benefits with Decra®

If you are reroofing your house, you will appreciate brands which offer you special benefits other conventional roofing brands will not. Unlike clay or concrete roofing tiles feather-light, corrosion resistant metal Decra® will open doors for you, which you did not even think existed. Which are they?

5 Unique re-roofing benefits with Decra®
  1. You may be able to install Decra® on your existing roof.

Since Decra® is 7-times lighter than clay or concrete tiles the old roof structure may be able to hold new Decra® tiles. Time and money can be saved by using your current roof.

  1. No need for reinforcing your existing roof structure.

If your current roof is in good condition you do not need to touch it. Only new battens are needed and new Decra® tiles can come straight away!

  1. Decra® enhances the beauty of your house no other metal roof tiles will.

You don’t need to make a compromise in the appearance of your roof with Decra®. It is not the cheap looking metal roof you may have in mind. Thanks to its stunning stone coating it looks so great that your neighbour will not even believe that it is made of strong, corrosion resistant steel.

  1. Durable solution, which can easily cope with extreme weather.

Since Decra® is made of strong steel summer storms will not damage it. It can overcome hail or high wind since it is installed horizontally and each tile is fastened on 8 different points.

  1. Decra® may be the most sustainable roofing solution

Steel is 100% recyclable. Since Decra® is 7-times lighter than clay or concrete the carbon footprint of the transportation is significantly smaller. Not to mention the material waste during transportation or installation, which is minimal with metal roof.


Do you like these extraordinary benefits? Ask for a quote from a Decra® roofer!


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