In 2019, climate emergency has been chosen as the word of the year according to Oxford Dictionaries.

We as a company also recognise the urgency of our global environmental issues. We would like to contribute to protecting our planet by being committed to manufacturing a sustainable product.

Sustainability is achieved “when current needs are met without depriving future generations of the ability to meet their needs” – Ray C. Anderson

How do we aim for sustainability?

  • By manufacturing a light-weight roofing product, which produces a smaller environmental footprint during its transportation. Decra® tiles require about one-eighth of the transport requirements of the equivalent area of concrete or clay roof tiles.
  • By manufacturing a strong, steel roofing product, which is not easily broken unlike other roofing tiles. Decra® leaves behind minimal wastage in transit or installation.
  • By manufacturing a recyclable, durable metal rooftile, thus reducing the amount of future raw materials needed to make new products.


The maintenance of Decra® steel roofs requirements are low, and it can be designed to be thermally efficient. When sustainability is factored in, many of steels advantages achieve a multiplier effect. 

We believe that our customers are proud that through their sustainable Decra® roof they will not deprive future generations of the ability to meet their needs.