1940 The birth of a roofing revolution

The new ’Decra roof concept’ was discovered when bituminous emulsion was sprayed on existing iron clad buildings as a camouflage and protective coating in the UK.


1957 The first Decra prototype

In New Zealand, Lou Fisher produced the first ‘Decramastic’ metal tile with bitumen coating. Stone chips were applied to the coating to prevent the sheets sticking together.


1964 The innovation was further developed

The first 10-pan tile was produced.


1967 Decra getting stronger

The first Decra interlocking profiles were made providing further strength to an already unique product.


1970 USA expressed interest in Decra

The first Decra license was granted to a U.S company based in Florida.


1977 Europe wants Decra too!

Polytuil in Belgium commenced manufacture under licensed joint venture with the first purpose built plant to produce Decra® tiles in Europe, then under one trademark Decramastic.


1980 Decra provides even stronger protection against weather

Bituminous emulsion was replaced by an acrylic barrier coating system with improved weathering properties under Decrabond trademark.


1981 Europe needs the 2nd Decra factory!

Decra A/S in Denmark commenced manufacture as the second European licensee


1989 Metrotile in NZ started the manufacture of pressed metal tiles

A second company was founded in New-Zealand to meet the need for Decra-type tiles.


1996 Metrotile gets a share in Europe as well

Responding to the increased demand from the market Metrotile sales operation start distributing stone coated pressed metal tiles in Europe


1998 Metrotile Europe factory was founded to produce Decra-type products

In Belgium, Tongeren Metrotile Europe was formed starting manufacturing tiles in a 1200 m2 manufacturing plant.


2007 Larger plant is needed to satisfy market demand

From 1200 m2 the plant in Belgium was expended to 7500 m2 and later to 13000 m2.


2010 The business gets overseas attention

A Canadian company IKO, world’s largest family-owned manufacturers & exporters of roofing products see the potential and creates a joint venture between Metrotile Europe and IKO Europe.


2019 The largest pressed metal tile factory in the world

After acquiring GERARD and Twintile brands our company became the world’s leading manufacturer of pressed metal rooftiles under the name RoofTG. (Roof Tile Group). By merging the operation lines in Belgium RoofTG built the largest factory of pressed metal tiles in the world.