Decra’s 60+ years experience makes it the leading manufacturer of coated steel roofing. Our technology is backed up by stringent external testing and a robust research and development programme. An important feature of our technology is protection.
Protection from extreme weather such as high wind, hail or heavy rain has always been a key component of our roofing heritage. Strong steel core of our roof tiles and Decra’s unique horizontal 8-point fastening technique looks after your safety when your home is exposed to the forces of nature.
Furthermore, we’ve always prouded ourselves in the technology that protects Decra steel roofs from rust . We were lucky enough to find a great testing ground since  many Decra roofs are located on coastal houses, which are exposed to corrosive salt water. Decra chooses Aluminium-Zinc (previously known as Zincalume*) coated steel for its longterm corrosion resistance. The combination of zinc with the barrier protection of the aluminium delivers performance that is superior to galvanized coatings in almost all environments. This in turn equates to a significantly longer roof life. Please check out the illustration about the research outcomes.
Decra is committed to continue providing the most technologically advanced steel tiles that will protect your home well into the future. Proof of our 40-year warranty is that many of our roofs are over 40 or even 50 years old and continue to perform well.